Arch of Victory

The Arch of Victory is the largest commemorative arch in Australia, and marks the beginning of the Avenue of Honour at its southern end, and the northern end is marked by a Memorial Cairn and Cross of Remembrance.

The Arch of Victory (1920) was constructed at the start of the Avenue of Honour to honour those who enlisted as well as commemorating the Allied victory in the Great War.

Construction of the Arch of Victory

The final dimensions recorded at the time were 17.4 metres (57 feet) high and 19.5 metres (64 feet) wide, although present day surveys have shown the dimensions to be 16.5 metres high and 19.2 metres wide, with the arch opening dimensions being 7.3 metres high and 9.5 metres wide.

The Avenue of Honour and Arch of Victory were officially opened by Prince Edward, Prince of Wales on 2nd June 1920.

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