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Richard H. Brown



Medals Earned

  • British War Medal
  • Victory Medal

Tree Information

  • Species: Ulmus Sp.
  • Planted By: L. Praetz
  • Plaque: 1843

Additional Info

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Born in Egerton, Victoria and an Art teacher by Occupation, Richard Harold Brown was 28 years and single when enlisted on the 2nd of August 1915 in the SIG22.13.4R3, Australian Imperial Force, with the rank of Sapper, Number 5930. Appointed Sapper on the 19th of January 1916; q/sqt reverts to Sapper, Stafford Beds on the 1st of April 1916 and to be extra Depot Corporal, Lang Lang Depot, Stafford Beds; to be extra Depot Sergeant, Stafford Beds on the 27th of April 1916; reverts to Sapper on the 20th of August 1916 and to be Extra Depot Corporal on te 1st of September 1916; reverts to Sapper on the 16th of September 1916.Proceeded overseas to France ex Sig Depot Acteher, Folkestone, England on the 12th of April 1917. On the 2nd of March 1917 reverts to permanent grade of Sapper at England Training Depot; Sapper appointed Extra Depot Sergeant, England on the 3rd of march 1917. Appointed Lance Corporal, France on the 23rd of December 1917; Lance Corporal admitted sick to Hospital on the 19th of May 1918. Returned per 'Indara' and Disembarked on the 6th of September 1919 with the termination of period of Enlistment and discharged on the 29th of October 1919. Tree No.1843

Location in Ballarat Avenue of Honour