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Athol L. Stark



Killed In Action (KIA) Killed In Action

Medals Earned

  • British War Medal

Tree Information

  • Species: Fraxinus Angustifolia Oxycarpa
  • Planted By: Miss D. Morrell
  • Plaque: 569

Additional Info

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AtheI Ludgater Stark was born in Ballarat and was a commercial traveler based in Ballarat when he enlisted in the Australian Naval & Military Expeditionary Force on 4th November 1914. This force was raised to capture German New Guinea. He was 39 years old and unmarried. After the AN & MEF captured New Guinea, and set up the Australian civil administration it returned to Australia, and the members were discharged. Private Stark had contracted malaria and was treated in Australia before his discharge on 22nd December 1915. His malaria kept recurring and the Government accepted responsibility for his ongoing treatment. He died of malaria on 25th January 1918 and is buried in the Ballarat [New] Cemetery.
Tree No. 569

Location in Ballarat Avenue of Honour