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Frank Stephens


8th Infantry Battalion

Medals Earned

  • British War Medal
  • 1914-15 Star
  • Victory Medal

Tree Information

  • Species: Ulmus Sp.
  • Planted By: Miss M. Bradley
  • Plaque: 72

Additional Info

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Frank Stephens, a Sebastapol -born farmer, enlisted in the 8th Infantry Battalion on 18 August 1914. On 15 May 1915 he received a gunshot wound to the right shoulder , remaining in hospital for a month before being discharged to base on 26 June 1915. He received his first promotion to Lance Corporal on 5 May 1916 before returning to hospital due to illness. He marched in to France from England on 2 September 1916 and awarded another promotion to acting Corporal with pay, later joining up with the 8th battalion in Belgium.

His final promotion was to Sergeant on 27 July 1917 before being killed in action in the field on 4 October 1917.
Tree No. 72

Location in Ballarat Avenue of Honour