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Joseph Grose


8th Infantry Battalion

Killed In Action (KIA) Killed In Action

Medals Earned

  • British War Medal
  • 1914-15 Star
  • Victory Medal

Tree Information

  • Species: Ulmus Sp.
  • Planted By: Miss R. Reid
  • Plaque: 13

Additional Info

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Joseph Donald Grose was born in Gordon. He enlisted from Ballarat on 17th August 1914. He was 24 years old, single and employed as an engineer. On enlistment he was posted to the 8th Infantry battalion, and appointed Lance Corporal because of his experience for 6 years in the militia. Many promotions occurred on the 26th and 27th April as attempts were made to replace the losses amongst the junior leaders caused the heavy casualty rate. Lance Corporal Grose was promoted to Corporal on the 27th April 1915.
Major General Hunter-Weston, a well-regarded British officer, was in charge of the first Battle of Krithia on the 27th April- two days after the Landing. Its results were the same – a heavy casualty rate and a failure to achieve its objective. He was in charge of the Second Battle as well. There could be no attempt to rescue the wounded during daylight hours – it would only cost more lives. Each night small parties risked their lives as they scoured No Man's Land for wounded and dead, while burial parties carried out their morbid tasks at the rear of the trenches. The following extract is from a letter by Private Cyril Bryantà'We have had a lot do, and what we have done, we have done well We lost a few Ballarat boys, I do not know how I got through it like I did. Poor old Joe Grose did not last long. I was right alongside him when he got killed. Then I was sent away to another part, àbut he never said a word, he was killed right out. I will never forget that dayà'
His name is recorded on the Helles Memorial, in Turkey. Tree No. 13, an elm, was planted by Miss R. Reid, a 'Lucas Girl', on 4th June 1917.

Location in Ballarat Avenue of Honour