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Austin McCallum


8th Infantry Battalion

Killed In Action (KIA) Killed In Action

Medals Earned

  • British War Medal
  • 1914-15 Star
  • Victory Medal

Tree Information

  • Species: Ulmus Sp.
  • Planted By: Miss D. Timmings
  • Plaque: 33

Additional Info

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Austin McCallum was resident in Humffray Street North and attended the Humffray Street State School. He was a 22 year old farmer when he enlisted in August 1914, along with his brother Clement. They both joined the 8th Battalion which sailed on the Benalla on October 19th. Together they were in action at the April 25th 1915 Gallipoli landing, and close to each other when the 8th Battalion went into action at Krithia on May 8th. Austin was killed in this action just a short distance from Clement who, with a couple of comrades, gave Austin ├Ža decent burial'. He is buried in Redoubt Cemetery, his headstone carrying the epitaph ├ŽUntil The Day Break Duty Done For King & Country'. Clement (Tree No. 182) went on to serve through France until August 18th 1918 when he too was killed in action.
Tree No. 33, an elm, was planted by Miss Doris Timmings, a 'Lucas Girl', in the Ballarat Avenue of Honour, on 4th June 1917.

Location in Ballarat Avenue of Honour