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Stanley McGregor


2nd Field Ambulance

Medals Earned

  • British War Medal
  • 1914-15 Star
  • Military Medal
  • Victory Medal

Tree Information

  • Species: Ulmus Sp.
  • Planted By: Miss L. Reid
  • Plaque: 40

Additional Info

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Stan McGregor was 19 years old and single. He was a fitter and turner and had worked at Cowley Iron Works for 7 years and had been a member of the Australian Army Medical Corps while he served with the Cadets and the Militia in Ballarat. When recruiting opened in Ballarat on the 17th August 1914 he applied for AAMC and was accepted into the 2nd Field Ambulance. During the whole time of the Gallipoli campaign the stretcher bearers and medical orderlies worked without replacement or leave break. The countryside was steep and rough and difficult to move about on with laden stretchers. It was also extremely dangerous. They did not necessarily take the wounded to their own unit, but actually to the nearest. Transport from the first treatment unit through to the evacuation point on the beach was also done by available bearers – irrespective of their unit.

On 11th October he was promoted to Lance Corporal. On 21st October he was admitted to the 3rd Field Ambulance complaining of being sick. He was identified with scabies and was transferred to the 50th Casualty Clearing Station. He was treated there and remained on duty with that unit until 10th November when he was released back to the 2nd Field Ambulance, his own unit. On the 5th March 1918 he went on leave to England, and returned on the 21st March 1918. He continued with his stretcher bearer duties until 29th July when he was admitted to his own unit suffering from pleurisy. He was transferred to the 35th General Hospital at Calais in France. He was discharged and returned to his unit on 14th August 1918. On 22nd September he was promoted Temporary Corporal when Corporal Portee returned to Australia on leave, but was reduced to Lance Corporal 3rd ocf October 1918 when he was also returned to Australia on special leave for those who had volunteered in 1914. He was discharged on 21st February 1919.

Tree No. 40, an elm, was planted by Miss L. Reid, a 'Lucas Girl', in the Ballarat Avenue of Honour, on 4th June 1917.

Location in Ballarat Avenue of Honour